Knockenborough is an imaginary place located in a hilly landscape with strange inhabitants.

The paintings are made with acrylic paint, ecoline and drawing markers.

The landscape of Knockenborough

The landscape of Knockenborough , canvas 30x70 cm

Knockenborough countrysite, canvas 80x60 cm

Knockenborough riversite, canvas 80x60 cm

Knockenborough landscape with inhabitants, canvas 80x60 cm

Knockenborough Ocean life, canvas 30x40 cm.

Knockenborough landscape with dancing creatures, canvas 40x50 cm

Downtown Knockenborough , canvas 30x30 cm

Three citizens of Knockenborough county, canvas 20x20 cm

Carnival Parade in Knockenborough, canvas 30x40 cm

Knockenborough citizens, canvas 20x20 cm

A rainy day in Knockenborough, canvas 30x40 cm

Busyness on the street in Knockenborough, canvas 30x30 cm

Glorious beachsite of Knockenborough, canvas 60x80 cm

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