Claytown is a little village made of clay.

Meet the inhabitants

Three bull riders very brave in front.

Curious Claytown citizens standing and watching life passes by.

Guy with pig-ears can hear the whispering voices on the streets of Claytown.

The King of Claytown is watching over you.

Admiral Goosefriend made a mistake. He took the wrong hat when he left his home.

The Lizard man took his friends out for a walk on the wild site.

There is always busyness with home improvement and removals.

These Dogs were so kind to help with migration of furniture.

The neighbor dogs are watching. One is to little and the other to fat.

Married couple who fell asleep.

Gamblers who cant stop throwing the dice.

Claytons Law firm, a nasty place to be.

Claytons Law firm interior with bull head on the wall and lawbook on the table.

This good fellow did not do anything. He is just sitting and enjoy life.

And so life goes on in Claytown.

Everybody is Happy.